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We are Manufacturers, Exporters & OEM Suppliers for Science Lab Equipments & Educational Products.

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Scientific Equipments Company

Naugra Labware with enormous and diverse experience, are one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Glassware & Plasticware, Medical & Surgical Teaching Products, Hospital Furniture & Equipments, Educational Laboratory Equipments & Instruments, School Lab Supplies, Plastic Labware, Biology Models - Human Anatomy Models, Lab Hot Air Ovens, Engineering Equipments .

Physics Lab Instruments: Physics Instruments Manufacturers and Exporter, Physics Lab Equipments such as rheostats, galvanometer and educational models of physics labs, Physics Lab Supplies, Physics lab apparatus & educational kits.

Chemistry Lab Equipments: Laboratory Chemical Glassware & Plasticware Manufacturers, Plastic Lab Supplies and Exporter, Research Lab Supply Company, Chemistry Lab Glass Equipments, Chemistry Laboratory Products Suppliers, Laboratory Plasticware Supplies, Science Lab Supplies, Science lab Equipment, Science Educational Equipments .

Pharmaceutical Equipment, Zoology Models, Separating Funnels, Safety Equipment, Dessicators, Plastic Labware, Digital Meters, Electrostatic, Botany Models, Microwave Kits, Condensers, Retort Stands, Wave & Sound, Adapters, Medical, Burners, Students Microscope & Accessories, Anatomy Models, Plasticware, Optical Instruments, HOT AIR OVEN, Microscopes, Water Baths, Polarimeter, Cork & Tubing, Engineering Equipment, Stereo, Centrifuges, OVEN, Laboratory Plasticware, Autoclaves, Bottles, ELECTRONICS, Physics Labware, Cylinders, Coaxial, Dissecting, Spectrophotometers, Sintered Ware Laboratory, Electronics Training Kits, Botany Models

We OEM Supply these Science Lab Equipments & Educational Products.

We offer customized solutions & wide range  in compliance with specifications for Educational and MOE Tenders.

Contact us with your needs at:

Product Help-Line: 0091-9896600003

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Heat Exchanger Service Module Pluripet pl 1001 (micropip Hypsometer Regnaults Front Chassis Unit Digital centrifuge 8x15 ml Test tube rack 8 places Full Length Manual Cryostat Microtome red plastic Right Angle Reducer Gas Engine Chassis 4 Wheel Drive with Mono-Jetronic E.I. and Working Light System - Electrical Laef Anatomy Model Sliding Mesh Gear Box - Actual Cut Section Photovoltaic Solar Energy Unit Lab 4 holes Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Resistance Substitution Box Tube chloroprene Water Turbine With Dynamo Operational Amplifier Trainer 6-Axis Robotics Trainer Hydraulic Ram Test Rig Schellbach 0.5-10 uL Four Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine with Hydraulic Dynamometer Test Rig Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Wheatstone Bridge Geoblocks Gauging and Control Structures 5 drawers with lid Enhanced Points of Departure with Attribute Blocks Heavy-duty Truck Gearbox ZF 5HP LPG Timed Sequential Injection Study of Unijunction Transistor Interface Unit Investigating The Chemical Composition Of Minerals IMPACT OF JET ON VANES APPARATUS Open retort ring w/shank 120 mm Fluid Properties Apparatus High Temperature Laboratory Oven Percent Strips Gemological Refractometer Desert Cooler Trainer Automatic Transmission Rear Wheel Drive d. 10.0/14.0 mm b/100 Plant Mitosis Cell Division Funnel Gilson 50ml Tips transp micro sterile w/filter  
Manufacturers of Laboratory & Scientific Equipment. Exporters of Educational Products for Schools, Universities, Colleges, Medical Colleges & Research Institutes.
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