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Fluid Flywheel Or Torque Converter Impulse Turbine Demonstration Unit Industrial Refrigeration Trainer Plug Waft Reactor (Straight Tube Kind) 20l Humidity Cabinet (Humidity Controlled Oven) Melting Point Apparatus Precision Digital 56 mm Magnetic Fraction Strips chromepl. steel Vacuum Assisted Hydraulic Drum Brake Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Variable-Geometry 400 mm Oil Free Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pressure Pumps Abablocks Pin Fin Appatatus Front Axel Assembly With Differential Gear CNC Trainer Lathe Machine Analog to Digital Converter Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus Magnetic Stirrer cum Hot Plate URIVET hand refractometer Binocular microscope 122/107 Inline 6 Thermal Cycler MG 96G Gradient Pluripet plii 100-1000 Ál High Precision Balance Hundreds Boards 1-10 uL Plastic box for 50 slides Portable OD analyzer 912/8 Single Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Fully Automatic Microtome Laboratory shaker Spatula Metal Chattaway amber Automatic Vacuum Tissue Processor Telescope Reading Simple Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Slab Hydraulic Trainer Electrohydraulic Teclu Burner Model Plant Monocot Stem T and Pie Circuit Trainer 150 ml Perfect Gas Laws Demonstration Unit Automatic Gear Box - Actual Cut Section Vacuum Oven (Rectangular) Student Stereo Microscope 50 liters  
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